Vehicle Non Refundable Deposit Agreement

Good morning, Gary. Yes, since the case was not personally handled by the dealer, but by phone, you have the right to get your deposit back. This does not mean that the dealer will not play happy, so you may have to fight to get it. Unfortunately, the situation abroad makes this more difficult. If you sign a deposit agreement stating that the amount is non-refundable, you lose your down payment if you cancel the purchase. In this case, not only the car dealership`s policy on refunding, but also your signature allows the dealer to keep your deposit. The seller then left the dealership in May and a new seller was appointed and I requested the status of the delivery and was informed that it was postponed to the end of August (nearly 6 months after the order). Over the past few weeks, we have requested updates from the dealership without any real help and I have made the decision to cancel the order, as I had to quickly get another vehicle that would arrive in time for my vacation. They assured me that this was a problem with the manufacturer and that the delivery date could not be changed. I then sent an email to cancel the order and went to buy a used vehicle that could be delivered within 2 weeks by another manufacturer and surprise, the dealer came back to say that the delivery could now be postponed to July 17 (!), but it was too late, since I had already paid a deposit of 2000 dollars on another car. Although the car isn`t built yet, they still say I`m responsible for the $1,000 total deposit. Is there anything I can do, or is it lost? Hello Stuart, I paid $1000 deposit for a Mini Countryman, I never went to the Mini (Park Lane) dealer, everything was done by phone/email. I signed two documents electronically: receivables – needs, financial exclusion and used vehicle order form.

I only wonder if I would be able to recover the $1000, if not all, but at least a few of them. Thank you very much. Hey, Debbie. As for the liability of your deposit, it probably depends on the contract you have signed. If there is nothing to indicate that the down payment has been refunded, if you did not like the car they brought, you probably will not be able to get it back. If you buy a car through Motability from the same dealership, I would have thought that the dealer would allow you to transfer your deposit to that vehicle. If not, I would suggest contacting Fiat UK headquarters and filing a complaint. The day before the delivery of the car, the seller informs me that the alloy of the perforated tire is cracked, so that they omitted it. I told them that I had not been informed of any problems with the alloy, just a puncture.

Otherwise, I would not have bought it, because it will cost me money to have a single alloy. The seller said he had just learned about the crack itself, which is why I have not yet been informed. I asked to fix it, and they refused, I asked to type money, they refused. So I told them I`d rather get my bail back because I didn`t want the car anymore. I was told that I had signed a form saying that the deposit could not be refunded, so I cannot get it back. And since I don`t want the car anymore, she`ll be promoted as soon as possible. Any chance of getting my deposit back? This conversation was about txt, so I say evidence for the seller, he was not aware of the cracked alloy, which is why it was not mentioned to me. Good morning, Janine.

You have no papers where the trader confirmed the amount of repairs, only an oral promise from a seller (which is worthless). The car dealership may try to be difficult, especially when they think they will lose two sales at the end of the month, but you should fight to get your deposits back or for the cars to be prepared at an appropriate level.