Canon Lease Agreement

The PhotoLease agreement offers a flexible approach to device payment. After the conclusion of a lease agreement with PhotoLease, the contract can be settled before the expiry of the term and there will be a discount for prepayment. The term of the lease can be shortened or monthly repayments reduced by the payment of a lump sum at each stage of the contract. It is advisable to maintain lines of credit for future unexpected needs or short-term funds. Borrowing to finance equipment makes a business vulnerable to interest rate fluctuations, and a loan probably doesn`t give you the same flexibility to modify equipment by upgrading them or adding additional items. Banks are also able to “register” overdrafts at any time, unlike the credit agreed under a guaranteed lease for that period. Many companies earn revenue over time – paying as you use it makes sense: why pay in a flat plan when you can pay small fixed and manageable payments with leasing? It matches to pay the way you use it. Payments made during a lease are not affected by changes in interest rates; So you can plan rental payments accurately in advance. And because cash flow can be expected, user costs can be compared to revenue and profit forecasts generated by using the photocopier/printer. To apply for or obtain more information, contact our corporate sales team on 01603 208469 or Photolease on 020 7613 0633 or visit It is well accepted that a photocopier or printer is not a commercial asset that believes it is depreciating faster than the vast majority of acquired assets. So save on purchases on assets that are either less rewarding or less demeaning.

Leasing gives more freedom for current office equipment, which is important for printers and photocopiers, to install if necessary, less subject to budgetary constraints. Printer photocopiers and rentals improve cash flow and provide coverage against inflation, devaluation and seniority. It is important that you can enjoy the benefits of technological improvement at a reasonable time of your choice. On the other hand, an entity that owns office equipment can only be upgraded by reinvesting and divesting existing assets. A photocopy lease with Club Copying contains provisions to act up to a newer model or, if necessary, to a model that fills the volume, speed and functionality your business needs at the right time, so you have the freedom to upgrade without buying new ones. Yes, yes. A Photocopier leasing facility allows businesses to keep up with technological changes, as your original installation can be modified either during or at the end of your rental period. The normal reason for this is the expansion of the client`s business and changing needs. Therefore, under a standard canon rental agreement, you will often find consumables, including paper, staples and other consumables. Although the cost of these items is sold as a “free” add-on, they are usually rolled into the “cost-per-click,” the print counting measure, on which all leases are generally based.