Boise State Consortium Agreement

SEATTLE — More than 300,000 Idaho residents have either graduated from the university or graduated from university, but have never graduated. (Does it look familiar?) A significant proportion of the state`s population lives in rural areas far from the Boise State University campus in the capital. Full information on the authorizations can be found in the consortium`s agreement form. In the “Student Certification” section of the form, you confirm that you meet the following criteria for the agreement: If you take courses at more than one of Idaho`s colleges in the consortium, your credits may be combined for financial assistance purposes. Boise State, College of Western Idaho and the College of Southern Idaho participate in the consortium agreement. With an approved consortium agreement, you can potentially increase your eligibility. Idaho`s largest state university has introduced a new value-for-money model for two of its online programs, aimed at rural adults: students subscribe for one year and automatically pay once a month. For example, you take 9 credits to Boise State (original institution) and 3 credits to the College of Western Idaho (host institute). With an approved consortium agreement, you are considered full-time (12 credits) and you are entitled to a full-time allowance in the State of Boise.

The BMCC is committed to strengthening partnerships with other universities. The formation of articulation agreements is an important way to do this. A articulation agreement is a formally approved agreement that corresponds to the course work between schools. These agreements are intended to help students make a smooth transition during the transfer. BMCC currently has articulation agreements with: As expected, some complications appeared in the early days of Passport. One student found the payment system so confusing that he proposed to create a prospectus diagram that the university could make available to other students. A quarter of the state`s population cannot access the Internet, which means that the program does not reach all those who could benefit from it. Apart from that, CapEd receives no income from the university or anything else from the partnership, other than an opportunity to serve the people of the state, said Rebecca Morgan, director of Boise State X, a department of the College of Innovation and Design dedicated to expanding the university`s affordable teaching opportunities. She acknowledged that the credit union`s obvious altruism at first seemed too good to be true for the university.

In recent years, institutions such as Western Governors University and alternative providers such as StraighterLine have begun experimenting with subscription-based models, particularly for competency-based education programs that follow flexible curriculums. The fervor around the adult student market is due to the fear of a decline in the student population at the traditional age over the next ten years, combined with the increase in online support as a convenient mode of delivery.