Addendum To Memorandum Of Agreement

Example of addendum to an addendum MOU #1 TO Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Between Action for Enterprise (AFE Kumar) – Alpha Company Ltd. This document is an addition to the agreement between AFE Kumar and Alpha Company Ltd. signed on `1. The purpose of this addendum is to describe the role and responsibilities of each party in the implementation of the next Alpha Company Ltd. Initiative: Training producers to increase and diversify the production of herbs and spices that the company needs for its finished products. 4 A more detailed description of these activities is as follows: Review of growth strategy and growth: Alpha Company will conduct a thorough strategic review of its planned sourcing operations with farmers. This is facilitated by AFE staff who use question guides that help Alpha Company management review all aspects of its over-management/purchase activities with farmers. Awareness: Alpha Company will hold mobilization meetings in target communities to explain the activities of the herbal and spice program out grower and the formal enterprise agreement to select committed farmers who are interested in being Outgrower. 5 Alpha Company will hold five (5) awareness sessions with one (1) collaborator and prepare the presentation they will make to producers before the start of the awareness sessions.

Development of a training module for producers (curricula): a detailed training module for producers is developed by Alpha Company (with the help of an external consultant) used by the company`s trainers during producer training. The final design of the module will be ready before the start of the trainer training (TOT). It will include all the steps that trainers will follow, describe all the practical demonstrations and exercises that will be performed, and present visual tools that will be used. . 3 organize a two-day training of trainers for 3 of its employees and 10 leading farmers to prepare them to train farmers with the materials developed above; 5) developing a manufacturer`s manual detailing the production of herbs and spices, from design to point of sale 6. Organize five (5) two-day training on improving the production of herbs and spices (using the above materials) for farmers in the districts and Alpha Company will train a total of 100 farmers (20 farmers per training) who will develop after being trained under contract with Alpha Company. During the season, these farmers receive technical assistance from the Alpha Company, which will also purchase their herb and spice production. 9 AFE Kumar verifies the consultant`s profile, which will assist Alpha Company in developing the training module, manufacturer`s manual, TOT program and training program, as well as their contract, compensation history and mandate; Assist Alpha Company in the development of the manufacturers` training module, the manufacturer`s manual and an assessment form for completion by participants following the training; Reviewing and submitting comments/proposals regarding the training module (including potential prospectuses) and the manufacturer`s manual prior to their use during training sessions; to monitor demonstrations of mobilization and training and, if necessary, to provide feedback on their improvement. 2 Benefits for Alpha Company`s contract producers include: (i) higher incomes from plant diversification and improved herb and spice production, and; (ii) access to extension aids and crops for herbs and spices.