Ascend Agreement

In the context of the service provider`s provision and use of the service and the use of the service, the service provider has access via the service to customer and customer and patient data, as well as other information and content (together “Data”). In addition to receiving, using and disclosing data by the service provider for the purpose of providing service to the customer, the client also grants the service provider the right to receive, use and disclose the data for additional commercial purposes, provided that the data is determined when disclosing the data for purposes that have nothing to do with the service, so that it is not identifiable to a particular client or patient, but is identifiable to the client`s practice. The client ensures and guarantees that he has the right, authorization and authority to grant the privileges of the service provider, including, but not limited, to all communications necessary for the necessary rights or the granting of rights: to customers, patients and third-party providers for the provision of the service (including, if applicable, in order to send messages to these customers and patients and to obtain behavioural announcements sent to them or posted online) and to exercise the rights of the service provider with respect to the data in the context of this subs trick, in accordance with all laws, rules, regulations, customer`s own privacy policy and in accordance with the principles or policies set out by the Federal Trade Commission or the Federal Trade Commission. The customer must not authorize or allow a third-party provider to access or use the service without the express written consent of the service provider. The customer is aware of this and agrees that patient optimizations for mobile SMS services are controlled by a third-party provider and that all opt-out requests must be processed by that provider at the request of patients and customer customers and should not be forwarded to the service provider. The customer is responsible at all times for any content made available to the service provider on behalf of the client`s clients and patients on behalf of the Service, including, but not limited to providing accurate information that will be included in the communication that the service provider sends to customers and patients. Any restriction or liability of the Customer in this Agreement or in any other agreement between the parties does not apply to the breach of the Customer`s insurance, warranty or disavoble, as defined in this section. The service provider has unlimited rights to use and disclose information relating to its sales of products and services to its customers, including that of the customer, and no provision should be interpreted to cover this right. If the service provider, alone or by third parties, has noticed that the data stored by the customer and/or its end-users violates laws or violates the rights of third parties, the service provider has the right to immediately suspend the customer`s access to the service and data.